Breaking Boundaries


Breaking Boundaries, a live art installation commissioned by the Donastia International Physics Center (DIPC) for the inauguration of the Passion for Knowledge 2016 Science Festival in San Sebastian, Spain.

Created by Melissa Pierce Murray and Diana Scarborough



Breaking Boundaries is an innovative and immersive live art installation combining sculpture, dance, video and sound. The projections include ink drawings and videos of sculptural elements overlaid with scientific videos and evocative abstractions using editing techniques including animation. The sound palette contains local sounds, soundtracks and foley to give texture and nuance the work with technology. The artists used scientific concepts drawn from the Passion for Knowledge lectures to generate the choreography, and worked with local dancers from the Basque dance company Dantzaz to create a uniquely evocative performance piece which resonates with authenticity and creative interaction; an integral part of the European Capital of Culture 2016 program.

Murray and Scarborough both have backgrounds in fine art and science, giving them insight into cross-disciplinary projects, and view this artwork as a creative integration of their individual practices, shared intentions, aesthetics and vision. In June 2016, they made an initial visit to San Sebastian, running a one day dance workshop with Dantzaz, finally selecting the dancers Andrea Loyola, John O’Gara and Richard De Leyos to be part of this work. In the UK from June to September, they developed the projection, soundscape and choreography, returning in September for one day of rehearsals with dancers and theatre technicians before the performance at the Victoria Eugenia Theatre on 26 September 2016, to an audience of 800 people.