Choreographed Drawings

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Drawing links a sustained and considered regard, through thinking, with materiality: using a physical and tactile engagement to sense, to consider, to create.  Drawing is both a way of finding out about the world and finding out about thoughts, of experiencing and inventing.

An interaction between the disciplines of sculpture and dance or choreography allows a possibility to explore the use of the entire body and not just the mind as a tool for gaining experience and knowledge. Choreography, eliciting movement, is distinct from dance, bodily motion, and hence can reside in an object.

Dance might be to choreography as the physical drawing is to the act of drawing.  The artist or choreographer proposes an idea, the drawing or object is a manifestation or trace of the event, facilitating an experience in which the viewer participates.

For these works, the elements are refined and rehearsed, then choreographed in improvised arrangements.