Nano^Art is an ongoing collaborative research programme between artists and scientists from the Nanodoctoral Training Centre at the University of Cambridge, exploring themes of perception, scale, and self-assembly.  Melissa Pierce Murray is the Project Coordinator alongside NanoDTC administrator Dr. Karishma Jain, pairing artists and scientists to engage in lab and studio interchanges and investigations.

Making Sense of Matter- Melissa Pierce Murray

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This series of drawings and forms arose from discussions of how we imagine and represent matter through words, equations, pictures and concepts, clouds of matter and information.

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Picture6                                          melissa - sculpture

In physics, elementary particles are often drawn as balls of quarks and leptons mediated by wiggly lines of forces, while in chemistry one can visualise overlapping electron clouds, orbitals and bonding interactions.

The wood shavings are reminiscent of alpha-helices, a key component to the structure of proteins- important examples of nano-assembly. The alpha helices act as structures which build and stablilise the larger extension of the protein structure, almost like the pillars of a cathedral. The steel shards suggest the relationship between drawing and thought, creating the suggestion of defined structure with some uncertainty about its true form.